Vitosha Mountain

Rising above the capital city of Sofia, Vitosha Mountain is one of the symbols of the capital and is the most visited mountain in Bulgaria. Starting from where the suburbs end, the whole mountain has been designated a national park, the oldest in the Balkans, and is home to deer, bear, wild boar, fox and a variety of rare birds. Vitosha is known for its 'stone rivers', or moraines, piles of huge rounded granite boulders carried and deposited by glaciers thousands of years ago, as well as for its curative mineral springs. It is popular during any season and the well-known resort of Aleko is the most established winter ski resort in the area, offering modern hotels and ski facilities within easy reach of the capital. Although you could spend a good portion of your holiday enjoying this mountain and staying in its resorts, you can just as easily head up the mountain for a hike one afternoon and gain some beautiful views of the city below. There is a cable-car and several bus routes which can take you part of the way up Vitosha. There are several great picnic sites to enjoy if the weather is good and an excursion up the mountain is a lovely activity for the whole family.

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